Frequently Asked Questions

Before we can answer this question, first we need to know a couple of details about your table.

1. SIZE. Is it a 7 foot, 8 foot or 9 foot snooker table?

2. MAKE AND MODEL. Normally a table will have a plate on the side with the manufactures name or there could be a sticker underneath the table that will indicate where the table was made and what brand.
We can service most tables but not all of them are created equal, especially if they are imported. You will find that the cheaper imported tables are not worth recovering at all because they are too hard to pull apart. It is worth knowing this top tip before you consider purchasing other brands.

3. LOCATION. We come to you to service your table so we will need to know where in the country your table is located.

4. PHOTOS. A quick snap is always helpful so we can quickly identify the requirements for your table. Just email the photo to us at

To navigate yourself and your cue around a table and play your shot comfortably, you need to allow enough room. Use our chart to determine the space you require depending on the size of table you want.

We make them out the back! Our kiwi craftsman tinker away in our factory loacted behind our shop here in Christchurch New Zealand.

Our whole range of pool and snooker tables are hand crafted so when you place an order with On Cue, you can customise it to however you like. The timber stain colour, componentry, square or straight legs and the cloth colour is all chosen by you.

We are the only company operating in the South Island of New Zealand that manufactures pool and snooker tables.

Depending on the model and how busy we are at the time of placing the order, it can vary from 1 week up to 12 weeks - especially leading up to Christmas as we get very busy. This is because we make all our tables to order. Hey - good things take time as they say.

Yes. All our tables are made from scratch so we can customise it to suit 9 ball players.

Yes we sure can. The more information you can provide the best we can accommodate you.

Things we will need to know first:

1. Size

2. Make and model

3. Pick up and drop off address

4. Access - it's very important to inform us of any outside obstacles that might make it hard to manover around like outside steps etc. Are there any stairs we have to go up inside, single doorways etc.

5. Photos are always helpful.

Yes. We provide a cue re-tip service plus we can straighten cues and do joint repairs.

Yes - even though On Cue is based in the South Island of New Zealand in Christchurch, we can make arrangements for your table to be delivered to the North Island.